Martin Kaymer Gives German Golf Lesson to Amateur American | Golf Digest

PGA Tour golfer Martin Kaymer is challenged by Golf Digest to give a golf lesson to an American amateur while only speaking German.

Hi my name is Martin Kaymer.
Golf Digest challenged me to teach an amateur golfer
to give a lesson for five minutes,
but all in German.
Hi I’m Becca.
Hi my names is Martin.
So nice to meet you.
I need some help.
So I’m hoping you can teach me something.
What do they call it when you go to the right like that?
So yeah, my shoulder angle’s good.
I thank you so much for the compliment.
Alright, I’ll try to aim a little more left.
Okay so I did it left.
That was good no?
Don’t you think my attitude’s pretty good?
You know you can’t get too happy on the good ones.
Or too sad on the bad ones.
Oh thank you, what a compliment.
I think that one went pretty far.
I need a tip.
Okay, address position.
No, no, no relax.
Oh that’s good, oh that’s bad.
There you go.
More like this okay.
Okay what about this?
Is this good?
It’s okay.
It’s okay.
Nice hit.
I like, I got some good height at that.
I totally agree with you in theory.
It’s just that can I make that happen?
You know?
At least it went straight.
Turn is good, address position is good,
You’re cheating.
No it’s German.
It’s the same in German.
That’s German?
I like German now.
There you go
Finish, finish, finish. It’s finished.
Up here.
Oh I keep going.
You guys he’s very regimented here.
He won’t let me just kind of talk my way out of this.
No breaks
No breaks okay.
I thought I made some improvement.
I mean.
I think that was the one.
Well done.
What do you think?
Do you think maybe you could help me get an agent?
Or maybe like you Hugo Boss deal?
I mean whatever it is I just think I’m ready.

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Martin Kaymer Gives German Golf Lesson to Amateur American | Golf Digest

Starring PGA Pro Martin Kaymer

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