Titleist Tips: Cure for Wristy Putting

To be a consistent putter, you need a consistent stroke. To make a consistent, repeatable putting stroke, mechanical simplicity is a must. You can’t have a lot of moving pieces. Think of a grandfather clock. The pendulum of the clock is one straight arm, suspended from a single pivot point. It has no joints.

Unfortunately, many of us have putting strokes with unnecessary moving parts and as Titleist staff member Jonathan Yarwood shares, the main culprit is often the wrists. By allowing your wrists to hinge back and forth during the stroke, you introduce a big variable that can alter the loft on the putter, the length and speed of the stroke, the path and angle of attack and even where you contact the ball on the face of the putter. It requires incredible coordination to reach the ball the same way each time.

If you need to tighten up your wrist action, try the drill that Jonathan demonstrates in this video. By putting with the leading edge of your wedge, you’ll be forced to develop a simpler stroke that more closely resembles the pendulum on a clock. Your stroke will become more repeatable, you’ll put truer roll on the golf ball and you’ll sink more putts.

For more tips and drills from Jonathan and other Titleist Staff Members, visit Titleist Instruction: https://bit.ly/2W4QkIR

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